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  • Member: ShatteredFlame
  • Studio: Intricate Vision Studio
  • Title: Music That We Choose
  • Premiered: 2009-01-01
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    • Gorillaz 19-2000 (Soul Child Remix)
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  • Comments: So this is my entry for the final round of Project Editor, against Nya-Chan and Neverend. For this round, we had to pick each others sources(or genres), Neverend had to pick my genre, and he gave me dance/upbeat. Which is actually my least favorite genre, next to romance. -.-

    We had 15 days to edit but I didn't start untill about the last 4 days or so. So I picked a song that I could stand to edit to, got a bunch of anime with dance/fun scenes and made this. I tried to stray away from the usual Lucky Star/Haruhi/Ouran dance/effect videos which I can't stand. Overall, I like the outcome, I actually worked on it, gathered lots of ideas, worked on different concepts, scrapped most, and in the end, came out with this.

    Neverend wound up dropping....XD. And Nya still wound up beating me by like 12 points D=....oh well, 2nd place isn't that bad =)

    So...yea, download it if your in the mood for a fun dance video, with no over the top effect editing........and a quick comment would be nice =). Hope you enjoy watching it, and if not, thanks for downloading =)

    and lol for incorrect title name on file, I honestly didn't notice until it was already uploaded, correct title would be the title of this video entry, and the one on the credits.

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