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  • Member: wyspa
  • Title: MANKIND
  • Premiered: 2009-01-01
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  • Song:
    • Łukasz Targosz Grunge czołówka
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  • Comments: My 2nd AMV ever done.
    I think title says enough about plot in this AMV.
    Although I'm more into fun, dance and had couple of ideas for those kinds of clips when I was listening to music you can hear in "Mankind" i decided and started work 5 min later after getting this idea.
    To be honest it wasn't that simple...
    After I've done about 3 rendered scenes which I edited using some backgrounds from "Beyond the Clouds" Anime I had to stop work for some personal reasons.
    After I started again 2 weeks later my computer broke. I had some hardware problems so taking this clip to life took me about 5 months (in the meantime I had to change my Hard Drive about 3 times). I used couple of effects...some of them are done in AE but I tried to maintain same style. I'm not experienced AMV maker but I did try my best doing this clip... so I hope you'll like it ;).
    Also I wanted to thank people that helped me with advice and testing, you can see their nicks in credits on the end of the clip.

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