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  • Member: Thamaker
  • Studio: Aggressive Media
  • Title: The Evatrix
  • Premiered: 2009-01-01
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  • Song:
    • The Matrix Trailer sound clip
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  • Comments: Evangelion mixed with the trailer to The Matrix. Tried to be as simillar as possible to the original trailer. Sorry for the poor sound quality, but I couldn't find a stereo source, not even at the official site of the movie, tried to do some enhancements but it still sucks, at least it's audible.

    -- Plot --

    Shinji plays as Neo, who finds himself trapped in an awkward world, only to discover that he as a purpose to being alive, to pilot the Eva. Asuka plays as Trinity, who helps Shinji (Neo) fighting the angels (agents & sentinels). Kaworu as agent Smith, acts as the leader of the other angels and the organization SEELE, who is trying to start Third Impact. Morpheus acts as the narrator, he doesn't have a particular role in this. As for Rei, she is the embodiment of the Matrix itself, everything bends to her will when Third Impact is imminent.

    Another lamme story-telling, but it gives an extra understanding of the film. Speaking of which, do you think this movie would sell? :P


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