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  • Member: Pockying
  • Title: Far Away [S.A]
  • Premiered: 2008-09-15
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    • Nickleback Far Away
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  • Comments: Dedicated to: IloveBoxen, tere1695 and TenTen143, cause theyre so awesome XD lol

    Song: Far Away
    Artist: Nickleback
    Clips From: Torrents
    Programs Used: Sony Vegas 7.0
    Anime: Special A (S.A) [IT IS ONE ANIME, GAH]
    Pairings: Kei x Hikari, Tadashi x Akira, Jun x Sakura, Yahiro x Megumi

    Anyways, my first S.A AMV. It's got all teh couples of awesomeness in here XD...well cept Ryuu x Finn D: wah, I so would love to put them in here (They're 2nd fav below to YahiroxMegu for me).

    Uhm, I started this in like August...I did the TxA part first (in one day I think)...then later I started JxS, then I finished JxS today, started HxK and YxM XD
    I have been working all day, I swear (cept school time) D: uwah Sony was being a butt munch today
    ARG! Why do I ALWAYS mess up xD, arg.

    I decided to finish this when I saw the final ep D: It just screamed FAR AWAY xD
    The ending was so like Ouran o.o Am I right? xD And the Yahiro x Megu part was a lil ooc, cause he doesn't 'love' her...yet *shifty eyes* XD

    This not meant to be lip sync XD *mostly talking about the TxA part*

    Oh, and the one quote I put in for Yahiro, I THINK (pretty sure), it said something along the lines of 'Sing.' (cause 'sing' is 'utau'). So let's hope it does, if not....well he's saying 'sing' now XDDD

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