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  • Member: ketsuekiko
  • Title: The One Without A Heart - REMASTERED
  • Premiered: 2008-12-22
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    • Nightwish Nemo
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  • Comments: Allo! Another AMV completed! Happy Holidays *Merry Christmahanukwaanzacha* This is my Christmas present to all my subscribers I hope you like it!

    Song : Nemo
    Song Artist : Nightw1$h
    Anime : Princess +u+u
    Programs : Vegas 8.0, Virtualdubmod, AVISynith
    Time Taken : 25 hours (approximately 10 days off and on)
    Date Completed : 12-22-2008
    Focus : AU Storyline about Mytho (Prince Seigfried)

    Story : Prince Seigfried and Princess Tutu are in a battle with a monster raven and are on the losing side. The Raven captures Princess Rue, who is Prince Seigfried's lover. Realizing he has but one option left, he shatters his heart. Thus sealing away the Raven once and for all. He asks Tutu to return his heart to him once more. She agrees and sets off gathering his heart in secret. Now after his heart has shattered. he has no memories whasoever of his past life. As he enters the new town he saves a young Kraehe from ravens, shortly after he collapses and is found by a young Fakir. Fakir believes that he is the only one able to protect Mytho and protects him valiantly. Now it shows Mytho as a student at the academy beside an older Fakir and it shows how he hasn't aged since that day. Little by little he begins to regain his heart and with his heart comes memories. He begins to fear that it will happen again. One day he regains the memory of Rue's kidnap and vows he will do anything to find her. The majority of this AMV is Mytho's fight to find Rue. *The insturmental bits are to show his struggle with the evil within him and how hard it is for Tutu to regain his heart* In the end the Raven arises once more once he regains the almost final shard of his heart. Mytho, Fakir, and Tutu fight all the minions. Fakir dies, Tutu sacrifices herself to return the final heartshard, and Mytho saves Rue. The two return to their old life. Happy ending?


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