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  • Member: Vigilluminatus
  • Title: With a thousand lies and a good disguise
  • Premiered: 2008-12-19
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    • The Offspring You're gonna go far kid
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  • Comments: For all of you who think that Usopp is a highly underrated character.

    Seriously, when I bought the new "The Offspring"-CD and heard that song for the first time, I immediately had the idea of an Usopp/Sogeking-amv. The line "With a thousand lies and a good disguise" is just made for him.

    What's it about? Mainly about Usopp/Sogeking facing and fighting enemies (Ruffy, Spandam, Perona). And yeah, well, that's all. I tried to use Paint.NET to free some character-images from background, so the transparent scenes should look a bit better than in my earlier amvs. And there are some subtitles for the "with a thousand lies"-parts. I just hope there's no mistake in them. There's also much lipsync in it, but that's not really something new. I think it's ok, but you can tell me if it's too much.

    I had QUITE some problems to finish this, mainly a total computer crash with reinstalling windows and shit when I was in the middle of editing, and after that a new Premiere version, which couldn't read all my video source files. And zarx264gui wouldn't let me encode my avs-file and give me error warnings, so I did it with VirtualDub and this is still a h.264/avi. Sorry for the remaining mistakes, but I only have so much patience.

    Well, have fun. Comments would be nice.

    IF IT DOESN'T WORK ON YOUR SYSTEM: I used the K-lite Codec Pack to encode it, and you need x264 and maybe Lame-MP3 installed. Don't know what else it could be, since it seems to work for all others.

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