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  • Member: ketsuekiko
  • Title: Track Angel - Noir Renaissance MEP
  • Premiered: 2008-12-08
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    • E Nomine Der Hitmix
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  • Comments: Yeah to anyone who wants to know, I was once a part of a MEP called "Noir Renaissance" However, I dropped out of the studio due to some personal problems and was no longer able to handle the stress of a studio. This thing had been stored away on my computer half finished, and yesterday I decided to just finish it, and clean it all up.

    So sorry it's really late guys?

    Anime : Angel Sanctuary
    Song : DerHitmix "3:57 -4:31"
    Song Artist : E-nomine
    Programs : Vegas 7.0, Vegas 8.0, VirtualDubMod
    Time Taken : 3 hours *plus 2 with VDM*

    Story : First it starts with the current time, and then it goes into a flashback from Setsuna's POV about the hardships he faced to get Sara. *Setsuna is in love with Sara, even though she is his sister* Then it goes to the follow up of their relationship. Finally, it brings it back up to the current time period, in which Sara sacrifices herself to save Setsuna. Setsuna goes crazy.

    Comments : I did not follow the lyrics when I made this, so if it doesn't follow the lyrics I apologize. I went by what I believe of the mood of the song.

    So if you want to download this piece of crap, then go ahead.

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