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  • Member: Thoughnuts
  • Title: Lonesaiyan115 & Thoughnuts Collab - Rise Up
  • Premiered: 2008-11-28
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  • Song:
    • Disciple Rise Up
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  • Comments: [I hate when my enter-button wont work, so try to understand] Yeah, me and my buddy made a collab with Disciples song Rise Up. Yeah, its pretty hawt song exept the slow parts, so we decided to cut them off. And why dbz? Cause it hawt and sexy hardcore anime, and i think it fits with the song, saiyans and stuff etc. Anyhow, i edited the first part[0:00-0:59] and Lonesaiyan edited the other part, which is better than mine ;) the picture after the actual vid is for the quality, which is much better when u push the HQ link. Well, i hope u enjoy it! BTW: SUB TO THIS DUDE:

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