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  • Member: purplepolecat
  • Title: Hit Me In The Streets
  • Premiered: 2008-11-10
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    • Skinny Puppy Pro-Test
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  • Comments: Tekken is my favorite beat 'em up video game series, and I've always wanted to do a vid using the lavish FMVs. I originally captured the Tekken 5 footage for a MEP that fell through, and I didn't want it to go to waste, so here we are. I chose the song because it's clearly suited to kinetic energy, as the official music video is a goth homage to run DMC's "It's Like That". Yeah, breakdancing goths. Hard to top that.

    The lyrics have nothing to do with either the official video or my humble GMV, it's Skinny Puppy's usual cryptic political statements, so I'm intentionally taking the central refrain too literally.

    I used footage from Tekken 3 because I have an affection for that game too (and I was short on clips!) but of course it's a PS1 game so the video quality is not so good. I cut a little off the song's extremely long intro.

    I started this video a few months ago, but got burnt out on it, so I did a couple of other projects and came back to it. It's not exactly ground breaking, but I'm happy with the internal sync, and happy that all my favorite characters can now fight to some kick ass music.

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