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  • Members: bluetrain, Infinity Squared, Purge
  • Studio: amvience studios
  • Title: HotDog
  • Premiered: 2008-10-26
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  • Songs:
    • Franz Ferdinand Take Me Out (Daft Punk Remix)
    • Luther Vandross Shine
    • Planet Funk Chase the sun
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  • Comments: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, to the Vegemite HotDog!

    This is AMVience's entry into the 2008 Chibi-japan 48hr Online Iron Chef competition. And THIS is the full story:

    The concept: A macross trilogy of awsmness

    In the beginning the schedule was simple.
    Edit audio by 11:00.
    Purge would then edit until 22:00.
    BlueTrain would takeover at 22:00 and edit until 12:00 when i would hand InfinitySquared the Huffy on an external drive.
    InfinitySquared would edit from 13:30 - 23:30 then he'd put it all together and begin uploading by 02:30...
    the 09:00 deadline arrives and we're happy as larry with a nice video uploaded hours before then.

    What actually happened:
    The concept:
    The songs really didn't match our concept and were mostly too-upbeat or just not appropriate - so the bar was lifted and Multi-SOurce was given the go-ahead. I'm especially proud of purge's intro efforts Lovely.

    The Scedule:
    The audio was done closer to 12:30... thanks to lots of indecision on us all, but perhaps i should take responsibility as team leader i should've just used my authority...
    Purge still however managed to start around 12:00 - i was hoping to wake up to a nice surprise of things being back on schedule. However it was not to be.
    Purge said he might be done by 02:00, so i began a little more clip-harvesting after finally deciding to stick solely to Macross Frontier and ditch f.l.a.g (it was a tough decision)
    I was editing by 00:00 and i thought only 2hrs behind ain't bad.
    02:00 came and left and Purgey was still at it - around this time (as i usually do each time i start a project) - i forgot to save and of course, god punished me with a devastating AE crash (losing of course all 2hrs of work) - frustrating much?
    06:00 came and purge was STILL going... the boy's a machine. I was starting to feel confident i could tie up everything quickly as i was fast approaching the half-way mark of my song. But it was around 09:30 - i started to lose some concentration and rapidly began to run out of ideas...
    I'm not sure when Purge Finished, but he'd been going for so long its no wonder he accidentally fell asleep - poor guy!
    I cancelled plans with Mark shortly after and he told me i must deliver my video before 18:00 - by 12:00 i simply could not edit anymore... with only 4hrs sleep under my belt and barely any the day before that - the energy drink high came to an end - and i collapsed until about 3:30. Could i do it before 18:00?


    "Okay, MIDNIGHT at the LATEST" was the response i got.
    Shit, i better go uber micro from now on. But there was still one problem, ideas.
    It was around 19:00 i just scrapped an entire scene of the video and decided to go for the masked-beat sync. Even though i knew it owuld take me ages... I just had to take the risk - nothing else was coming to me. By 22:00 it was getting close and i was almost done - but i began to notcie some problems that were showing up - for whatever reason... At 23:00 it was crunch time and i finalized everything as quick as i could - but there were so many glitches... I fixed like a nutjob - but time just wasn't on my side: 23:45 I'm coming! Its just rendering now!

    at 00:05 i grabbed my ext hdd and bailed. not even checking whether or not it worked - i just took the gamble...

    I'm not sure if a Daewoo Lanos has ever broken the landspeed record - but it certainly did that night. No one was going to stop me - not even the men in blue or the pram in the middle of the road - sorry kid, but you're a worthy sacrifice. Although my GPS tried to have me killed about 7 times when it kept losing reception and insisted on telling me i turned into the 600 trees on my left... or the random streets that simply went nowehere - not to mention the TERRIBLE route it chose.

    I arrived at Mark's place at about 00:45 (impossibly quick really) - usually takes me at least an hour...

    Feeling guilty i wanted to buy Mark some anime, but of course phone-banking was down... :(
    Luckily Mark was done, and he was able to fuse our videos together quickly and relatively glitch free. So then i realised.. I was now 13hours late... wow... from 1-13 in not even 48 hours... *sigh*
    But Mark is a genius and he had as back on track and in fact the upload began 30 minutes early at 02:00 - who says miracles don't happen!

    Speaking of miracles, after Mark kicked me out of his house (yes i probably deserved more then that )- it occured to me his brother was watching Liverpool v Chelsea - so i knocked again and his brother let me in and we both proceeded to watch history unveil! 1 - 0 at Stamford Bridge!!! Chelsea's first loss in 87 games! AND MY TEAM DEALT THE BLOW!!!! LIVERPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!

    I then went home ate a pie and a sausage roll - (an aussie thing to do at 03:00) - It occured to me that we still had hours left until the comp ended - and i talso occured to me that we hadn't added any credits - a quick whip up of some credits using music from a car ad by x-ray dog and lovely
    s p a c e d o u t t e x t. And i began uploading around 07:00 - wowsers what a day/night/day/night/day again.

    Results are in this Saturday - Cheer us home!!! in the AMV-France IRC!

    Now lets hear from the other editors who helped make this video what it is today:

    So for my section I just kept to best of/montage style editing because its not like I haven't done that before. However this time it was to dance music. I had some initial trouble getting the random anime scenes to flow together but I found the funky transition type scenes in Superflat Monogram worked at connecting everything.

    Bridging Purge's and BlueTrain's segments was probably the biggest challenge of this whole thing because apart from the big usage of Macross Frontier, the two are very different in style... I couldn't keep it all dance/fun like Purge's was because then it would clash more heavily when I did reach BlueTrain's bit, so I took a more subdued sort of dramatic action pace, and actually only used Macross Frontier minimally, to sort of make it a background to tie them all together but also so that Macross doesn't become overused.

    Everyone knows Vegemite Hotdogs are Decultural Cuisine from Aussie-land.

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