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  • Member: Heero_Yuy84
  • Title: Long Live The Fighters
  • Premiered: 2008-10-17
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    • Dune Trailer
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  • Comments: (Long, old-man style story here...those of you who don't want to hear it, just scroll to the end where I sum it all up.)

    This is a video that's been idling in some form or other for almost two years now.

    To gain a better understanding of how this started, first look up dokool's 'FullMetal Hell.'

    I first saw this video when it screened at AnimeBoston, and did a doubletake over the segment where he used part of the trailer audio from the David Lynch adaptation of Dune.

    Said response got even moreso upon learning, at the time, he'd been thinking of doing something with the full trailer.
    At the time, that kind of got sidelined from lack of a good source. When I'd asked him on it, he openly said if a source could be found, I was welcome to take a stab at the idea.

    In the earliest phases, this trailer was going to be done with Heavy Metal L-Gaim (so much so I hunted down a copy of the HKs to finally watch the series in full for it. The show was well worth it, but sadly, the video quality of the discs was NOT cut out for a video.)

    So the idea kind of lay in neutral.

    Then last year, Gainax released Gurren Lagann.

    On first watching the show, I was kind of neutral towards the whole thing. Then it kind of clicked all at once (only half-joking when I say this. Seriously. Most of this concept wrote itself right out of the gate with only a few minor tweaks.)

    Of course, this then resulted in a set-back when it came to getting the source video. I didn't have the scratch to even attempt to pick up the R2s and the only raws to be found online were all the network rips with clocks in the corner. Then, when ADV licensed it, the show got stuck in a licensing blackhole. Things FINALLY moved again with Bandais 2-disc subs only releases.

    From there, the video was assembled fairly quickly...twice (first time the external I was keeping everything on crapped out.)

    Long story short, after numerous set-backs with of assorted areas, it feels good to finally get this video out there.
    Like the info says, it's a Gurren Lagann AMV using the trailer for David Lynch's version of Dune.

    WARNING - Contains spoilers for the first section of the series.

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