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  • Member: Pikachew
  • Title: My Identity
  • Premiered: 2008-09-11
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    • Globus Take Me Away
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    Well, this all started out as a birthday video, and more people persuaded me to add on to it, so i gradually did. At the end alot of people liked the result, as did I, which is not something i usually say. This video wasnt too much work, just about 16 hours or so of editing and prepping and whatnot. Overall I have to say this is probably one of my best videos yet; more are yet to come.

    I tried to create a sort of "identity-crisis" within the character, especially since she is new to the whole time traveling thing. The song choice was completely random, but when i listened to it I decided, let's give it a shot. I made song edits, so that there was an emphasis on TIME and SEASON, and then decided to go onto the real chorus. Anywho, this video is about a protagonist who is lost within herself, and has two things to decide upon who she is; a dear friend, or her ability of time travel. She discovers she cannot have both, and thus decides to turn back the hands of a time where she could not manipulate time. It's not that complicated-trust me.

    Edit: Please don't mind this XviD for now, megui is being very wetatted >:l

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