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  • Member: leathelanime
  • Studio: Leathel Anime Studios
  • Title: Deity Online
  • Premiered: 2003-04-13
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    • Bush Jesus Online
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  • Comments: Hmmm well when I made this video I believe it was for the AWA but as the contest past I didnt win but the video still has quality in it. First off I guess I can say no one has made a video like this before but I was striving to make something original so after 3 days of scripting and 2 days of editing and polishing I finally came up with this video and I think it's well worth the effort I put into it I think. Lain is a very deep anime IMO and I used a song that meshed pretty well with the feel of the show and I was able to get the video to match with the lyrics very well and I added this cyclone-ish effect that was laying around in the actuall anime . The effect was made to make it look like someone was watching Lain through the looking glass so to speak....Kinda like God (the Blur) looking at Lain (Jesus) I know it all sounds strange but after you watch the video a few times you will understand hopefully.

    Quick Gist of Story:

    Basically the vid starts off in a void of nothingness kinda saying that 'God' had his eyes closed and then it opens it's eyes and find Lain. Through the video 'God' goes to look at different people connected to Lain. Basically Lain is a disturbance and the viewers see this while watching the video because everything is just out of whack! I really hope that made since because I had like a crap load of ideas when I was making this.

    Tools and whatnot:

    I used my Dazzle Cap-Card and the 4 lain dvd's . Nothing much to say...a Premeire thats about it you know 'Pro' stuffs lol


    Whatever she wants from me
    Whatever device
    Whether in kindness
    Whether in spite
    What can I say
    What can I do I can't help myself
    I let the monster through

    Wherever she sends me
    Wherever the plane
    Perfect black dress
    Perfect grave
    What can I say
    What can I do
    I did it to myself
    I did it all confused

    Jesus online
    Wires around the world
    Feel invincible
    Computer car and girl
    Jesus online
    Wires around the world
    Feel invincible
    To be perfect just like you
    To be perfect just like you

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