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  • Member: Hae
  • Title: Sink Koriko Sink
  • Premiered: 2008-10-11
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  • Songs:
    • Against Me! Sink Florida Sink
    • Against Me! Sink Florida Sink (Electric)
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  • Comments: Went on at least 7 websites for the accurate city name in the anime. 4 against 3. "Kori-KO" wins.

    Announcement Thread

    I wanted to go along the exact story line. I'm no film major, but I thought the whole "young love throws Kiki off her magic" was accurate in some way. (but I'm not ignoring the fact that her surroundings and social life changed could have taken a role in it too.)
    --Anyway, in the beginning of the video, you see Kiki on her merry way, flying around the city, without a care. (this includes ignoring Tombo several times as he constantly watches her in awe.) Then the pivotal event where she attempts to fly on a man-made machine with Tombo. After that, Kiki can't understand Jiji and her flying ability is completely taken away. Hence, her "loss that can't be found."
    All in all, the video ends happily as Kiki regains her magic through sheer will and desperation.

    The song chosen is--what I interpreted: ...a bad relationship. Absolutely bad. Too many downs than ups and it just can't work. Somehow I thought this went well with Kiki and Tombo. They simply don't go together. It would seem very unrequited. Though, I'm not using the relationship they have as the main focus. The video is also the process of her coming in to her own. Growing as a woman and finding her right of passage.

    [Editing wise]...I tried doing things very different from how i usually edit. Plus, this was made on a whim. I have a bigger project in mind but there's a lot of footage that's still in need of collecting and I'm just lazy. (the senoritis is getting to me.)
    Took about 4 hours total. excluding the time it took to figure out how to compress and encode and such. I'm still very much in the dark about that stuff. Indeed the quality is bad. I did rip it from the dvd and the uncompressed version has remotely decent quality but when I compress it to the 17.8 megs, it looks like this. Still on the lookout for something that can preserve quality and Mac accommodated.

    Not one more word tonight,
    between here and there,
    well put a distance the size of the ocean
    so now this heart can beat a skipping rhythm.
    As the cadence carries me i almost drift away
    far enough to forget
    that when it comes you cannot hesitate.
    And when found
    i will write an account
    and seal it in an envelope
    addressed to your last known residence.
    and we sink,
    and we drown,
    and what is lost can never be found,
    well these arms did swim until the lungs pulled in,
    the panic was lost in a deep understanding
    that you will see
    what is wrong with everything,
    what is wrong with you and me,
    they make all the right reasons to fuck it up,
    youre gonna fuck it up.
    -Sink Florida Sink by Against Me!

    BTW, the year is wrong at the end of credits. Sorry. 2 am spurts of idiocy. =__=
    I'm not changing it.

    Bigger version is up!
    Okay so I tried to make the quality better as well as make the video bigger in size. I found this software avidemux that's for mac and apparently a good equivalent to avisynth or virtualdubmod. (minus some features) and i played with the filters. unfortunately i still need to understand what the hell is chroma y and lumis are so i basically made the quality worse. then i remembered that my program HAS filters and i just kind of played the contrast and brightness.
    Not really smoother but more vivid in color...hah.
    okay enjoy

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