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  • Member: AmvOer
  • Title: Fury of the Fox
  • Premiered: 2008-10-08
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    • Avenged Sevenfold Critical Acclaim
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  • Comments: Hi there.

    Fury of the Fox is my third AMV. (second Naruto AMV)

    This AMV revolves around Naruto's fury towards Orochimaru for taking Sasuke away, being awakened. This fury reflects upon his past.

    Also his fury towards the hokage (high society) for doing nothing towards the Orochimaru issue, and that he would do a better job as Hokage.

    He is fed up by their inability to take care of Orochimaru and save Sasuke so he is going to do it himself! And he is willing to use extreme measures to do so...

    !!!Spoiler warning!!! Fury of the Fox contains Naruto and Shippuuden episodes up to Shippuuden episode 52


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