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  • Member: Autraya
  • Studio: Walküre
  • Title: Last Angel (Manifest 2008 IC)
  • Premiered: 2008-09-28
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    • M2M Don't Say You Love Me
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    Ok this is my winning Manifest 2008 IC video.
    Sorry no mp4 I dont have the final export anymore as it was made on a friends lappy.

    It took about 18 hours of editing out of the allotted 24 hours.
    Programs used : Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After effects, Adobe Photoshop CS2

    We kinda got thrown a curve ball at the last minute and got given a random song from a pool of 10 that we had to use we also got given our video source which we had to use (although we could incorporate other audio/video sources if we wanted too they couldn't be more than 50% of the AMV). Nearly every song was comedy/ parody (things like "rickroll" and "what's ur flava by craig david). Yes there was some maniacal sadist playing god with our music .... I'm primarily an action editor...and i got a girly happy song T_T and serious sources. About 20 minutes in the desire to slit my wrists rather than edit became so over powering that I resorted to consuming packets of star bursts and only the power of the sugar high kept me from doing violent things to the laptop and those around me. This was so hard to edit, I hate eva, I hate girly shit, I hate pokemon ... and here i am combining those 3 things.. the intro was added the next morning when most of the sugar had warn off (as you can prolly tell).
    This video is pretty much fluff (as the SA judge noted)but seriously what the hell else do you make to this sort of song, I'm dissapointed in myself for editing such a light on video, the idea behind it is that ranka is an angel and goes kinda stalker like on shinji, singing to him and such x_x

    So not having a disc of pokemon available (nor would i ever own one) I borrowed 19 episodes of Macross Frontier from the person I was staying with.
    A big thank you goes to Aaron for getting me the Macross footage without which I would have been totally screwed.
    Also the eva source was an xvid and the macross an mkv so I've dont what i can to filter it but it's still pretty ugly compared to what I usually produce. (not to mention that damned watermark that i'd loose too much footage to fully cut out and the shine whoring... uuuggh!!)

    If that evil god type person manages to leave his HDD with his music lying around I'll be sure to wipe the damned thing to save us all next year.

    These are the links to the other videos (once i find em):

    pa">Eviltom's is funny as all hell he is also the runner up

    Blue Train & Yues Woman's video still to come.

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