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  • Member: slackergirl
  • Studio: Flying Nuts Productions
  • Title: Angelic Earth
  • Premiered: 2008-03-12
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  • Song:
    • Andy Hunter Angelic
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  • Comments: This video was originally created for the multi-editor project "Clow's Collection Part 1: The Cards of Strength." Due to popular demand (ie Katie), I have now released it as a stand-alone entry. The purpose of the MEP was to take one of the Clow Cards found in Cardcaptor Sakura and make a video inspired by or related to that card. Seeing as there were 55 cards available, I thought it prudent to combine some cards into one video. I thought Earth Girl Arjuna would be a good match for both the Wood and the Earthy cards.

    The first half is meant to portray the Wood, which is described as being a very gentle card, whereas the last half is more in keeping with the Earthy card, a powerful elemental attack card. It was my first real attempt at masking/rotoscoping, and taught me that Photoshop is far superior to Ulead's VideoPaint. I edited the song pretty substantially; it's originally over 8 minutes long.


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