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  • Member: Mr Pilkington
  • Studio: Less Than Three~<3
  • Title: pooksac :-*
  • Premiered: 2008-09-20
  • Category:
  • Songs:
    • Caramell Caramelldansen (Speedycake Remix)
    • Digital Underground Humpty Dance
    • Jan and Dean Dead Man's Curve
    • SNL Alice in Wonderland
    • SNL Bill Braskey
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  • Comments: Basically this is just an excuse to prevent my AWA 14 SAST videos from being lost as were the 12's.

    I have included here a full list of the videos I crated for the SAS competition INCLUDING the 2 they refused to show during the competition. Along with these I'll include a small description of exactly what crap was going through my head at the time.

    Anime: Shugo Chara
    Song: Digital Underground "The Humpty Dance"
    Why?!: Basically the wife was minority obsessed with this show and couldn't help but impose the information upon me. So naturally when I found out that her transformation sequence is called "the humpty dance" I began to laugh, and plot, and die a little inside. OBVIOUSLY a full length Shugo Chara/humpty dance video would have all of the comedic value of a Will Ferrell movie; likewise the Shugo Chara demographic (12-14 y/o fangirls) probably won't be able to appreciate the pairing of the two as the don't generally listen to old-school rap. And much the same way the late 20, early 30-somethings probably wont get the joke. So I guess my target audience is ChaosProjects. So to break this down into a simple mathematical equation:
    Beer + Girly Anime + offensive womanizing vocals = bad idea.
    pilk = very bored

    Anime: Myuki-chan in Wonderland
    SnL, special guest: Steve Buscemi "Alice in Wonderland" (skit)
    Why?!: Okay, this one is actually a personal fave. And it was cut from the original broadcast during the awards ceremony because the audio includes the word "penis." :/ But this particular video stems back to 5 years, all the way back to AWA 9 where I originally picked up this DVD for this sole purpose. I had intended to do a full length reenactment of this skit but due to lack of footage the value in said video would have been next to zero. Some of you may recall the beta from back in '04. Here due to the 30 second time limit I basically just cut out the best lines and removed most of the laugh tracks. I think it's pretty humorous.

    Anime: Myuki-chan Through the Looking Glass
    SnL, special guest: Steve Buscemi "Alice in Wonderland" (skit)
    Why?!: Same as above, but this is the last line in the skit. I like it. Works for me

    Anime: Family Guy
    audio from "Silence of the Lambs"
    Why?!: This one's pretty simple. Walking though walmart I caught a copy of Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal one one disc for $9.44. Who could pass that up? Well earlier that day the wife and I were watching old episodes of Family Guy and this scene came up. After getting the DVD home I happen to recall that episode, and the winner of the AWA 12 SAST. The rest pretty much speaks for itself.

    Anime: The Legend of Black Heaven
    SnL, special guest: Alex Baldwin "Bill Braskey (Airport bar)" (skit)
    Why?!: Why not!? I just wish I had more footage because a whole Bill Braskey montage to various scenes from this series would be golden! This one was cut from the competition as well because it used the word "masturbate."

    Anime: Initial D 4th stage (aka: Project.D), Initial D (live action)
    Jan & Dean "Dead Man's Curve"
    Why?!: For years I have wanted to do an Initial D/Speed Racer cross over to this very song. But laziness and common sense have always hindered me. But with a time limit of 30 seconds I guess I could find it in my (lack of) heart to finally do something with this.

    And finally the fucking Caramelldancen to the Pilkington Raptor from the critic. If you have to ask, you need a lobotomy

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