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  • Member: Mr Pilkington
  • Studio: Less Than Three~<3
  • Title: The Butler's Box Social
  • Premiered: 2008-09-20
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    • Hellogoodbye Jesse Buy Nothing... Go to Prom Anyways
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  • Comments: So....... since Koop, Yue and a bunch of other morons were bitching about it, I uploaded the not quite half finished version. One fine day i may finish this video the way God intended. But until someone buys me a new motherboard or werk gives me overtime again that day seems far far off.

    The keying sucks, there pop and half frames everywhere, the project file was crated incorrectly so my progressive footage became horribly interlaced (and I made no attempt to rectify that as punishment), the lighting effects at the beginning were supposed to have a fade in point but that never rendered for one reason or another. It's just a beta that never got its final touches. And it shows. But until I come up with money for a new system you all pay the price.

    This was a video I began as a submission for a monthly amv contest on the Gaia Online AMV Guild community back in June of 2007. I released a very rushed beta to the contest which was less than perfect, and honestly got pretty fed up with the video because a song like this is just so very hard to edit to. Then in June of this year (2008) I found the project file and decided to do some tweaking. I entered it into AWA expo just for shits and giggles, after all with the shear number of Ewetoob editors around it might spark a few laughs. Well I asked the VAT staff to play it during one of expo showings and the audience was emotionless. I was honestly a bit hurt, but with the number of technical errors in the video and the crap for keying which I had intended to replace with AE mask I wasn't tremendously shocked.
    HOWEVER Saturday afternoon at the expo awards my only other expo entry was announced the winner of the "Sick" award and I was ecstatic! This was the first award announced and for the rest of the awards ceremony I was on cloud 9 --screw that I was on Cloud 874,201. My very 2nd AWA award since wining the original "Pop Will Eat It's Self" award. And the Sick award at that! This means I'm right up there with Doki, MJ and Zarxrax! Then towards the close of the expo contest our beloved MC found it a requirement to explain the "reasoning" (that's strictly assuming there was any rational reason or thought) behind the decision in the "grand prize" award. He explained that for this they look for the one video every year that just has that WTELF effect on the staff. He then proceeded to play this video. And as Vlad questioned my sanity and Addy offered me the use of his trench coat so to make a clean escape I just lay down on the floor and literally laughed until I cried.

    So here is that wonderful piece of crap:

    AWA 14 Expo Contest: "Grand Prize"

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