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  • Member: Urion
  • Studio: Urion AMV Productions
  • Title: Basilisk - Hoshizora Ni Furu Yuki
  • Premiered: 2008-09-16
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    • High and Mighty Color Hoshizora Ni Furu Yuki
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  • Comments: The video is mainly about Gennosuke and Oboro, while throwing in the other characters here and there. Especially Tenzen since his the main villain of the story. He is the cause of all the problems between the Iga and Kouga.

    I started off the video from the earliest episode working towards the last, and then the last segment has the video going back towards the earlier episodes of the anime.

    I couldnt guess how many hours I put into making this (I dont push myself to finish it for the sake of it being finished), I would have to guess it would add up to 4-5 days worth of work over a months time. Alot of which was messing around with aegisub, learning functions etc with the program. And of course figuring out how I would add the subtitles to the video. Wish it had that function, to export it to video and compression.

    My first real AMV since I stopped making them back in 2004, happy with how it came out. Tried to make sure something was happening in each part of the video.

    I used aviedit for the editing (odd saying I edited it with and avi editer ...) and collected the clips as well as letterboxing it with virtualdubmod.

    I used Aegisub for the subtitling, and I used fraps to take the video from there since aegisub is mainly used for softsubbing and there is no way to export the subtitles to hardsub while keeping the karaoke effect.

    This was my first video ever using aegisub on, so I am new to the whole subtitling karaoke effect. I think there on time. And I hope to learn how to do more flashy effects.

    The ending is not mine, will never be mine, and I wish I had the creativity to have though of that sequence using excel saga when that fetish dressed rocker was sleeping over.

    I hope everyone enjoys the video, please comment if you like or dislike it. Please don't flame randomly saying it sucks without giving a reason,

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