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  • Member: Tsunami Jones
  • Title: Nan Desu Kan 2008 Contest Intro
  • Premiered: 2008-09-13
  • Categories:
    • Action
    • Comedy
    • Drama
    • Instrumental
    • Other
    • Parody
    • Romance
  • Songs:
    • Neil Hefti Batman Theme
    • RevenG vs. DE-SIRE Tsugaru
  • Anime:
  • Participation:
    • Nan Desu Kan, NDK Anime Music Video Contest (2008-09-12)
  • Comments: This is the contest intro that I made for Nan Desu Kan 2008. I need to thank the follwing people, as without them this wouldn't have turned out the way it did. Every year NDK has a con theme. this year the theme was Japanese Mythology. I couldn't really meet that theme though, and ended going with more of a Traditional Japanese one instead.

    A HUEG thanks to:

    Scottanime for asking me to do the project in the first place and for giving so much support to AMVs at NDK.
    VegettoEX - the video would literally not be what it is without him.
    Niotex - for saving my ass and sprucing things up a bit.
    ZephyrStar - For the sun illustration. It rocks.

    More thanks to:

    FallChild_42 (I'm sorry I didn't use the voice overs that I had you do >_> )
    Castor Troy (I originally intended to use the stuff I got from you alot more along with FC's voice work, but didn't. Still, thank you very much!)

    And everyone else who beta'd the video for me!

    The video seemed to have a pretty good reaction at the convention, so I hope that everyone there enjoyed it!

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