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  • Member: SheeGee
  • Title: To Live and Love
  • Premiered: 2008-09-08
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  • Songs:
    • Mae The Everglow
    • Mae The Ocean
    • Mae The Sun and The Moon
    • Mae We're So Far Away
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    Ive been a huge fan of Mae for like 2 years now. Their songs are just so beautiful. My favorite album has to be The Everglow. That one has to be their greatest hit of all time.

    Also, 5 Centimeters per Second is my favorite anime movie ever. It really touched me and the artwork is so beautiful. I was also in love with ef- a tale of memories. The series had such a unique style to it and the story itself was really good.

    In the end, I decided to take 4 of my favorite songs by Mae and my two favorite anime and made them into betas and put them together. To me, I thought 5cm, ef, and mae songs are a wonderful combination.

    Special Thanks to LeapofFate

    Time it took: about 5-6 hrs

    Programs used:
    Sony Vegas 7.0

    1. We're so far away:
    Did you know, how you would move me
    Did you know? Did you know
    How you would move me well
    I donít even think so
    But the moments magic swept us away
    And itís so close
    But weíre so far away
    Itís so close
    But weíre so far away

    2. The Ocean
    Oh, the night becomes the
    Space thats somewhere inbetween
    What I feel and what I'm taught
    Sitting on the shoreline
    Trying to figure it out
    Figure it out
    To find out the meaning
    And reach it somehow

    You come over unannounced
    Silence broken by
    Your voice in the dark
    I need you here, tonight
    Just like the ocean
    Needs the waves
    Fall around me now, like
    Stars that shine
    And brigthen the way
    I need you here, tonight
    Just like this morning
    Needs the rain

    3. The Everglow
    Here's a night
    and it shines
    and it calls us on and on
    so be here by my side
    and watch the stars
    they're ours
    make a wish or just take charge
    the moment comes get lost and go far

    i think that we've got what it takes to get this heart to start beating again
    so take it all the way

    woah now our hearts are on the Everglow
    so just let go and fall into it

    4, The Sun and the Moon
    Wasted time
    I can not say that
    I was ready for this
    But when worlds collide
    And all that I have
    Is all that I want
    The words seem to flow
    And the thoughts
    They keep running.
    And all that I have is yours
    All that I am is yours

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