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  • Member: ngsilver
  • Studio: Chaotic Bad Raptor
  • Title: Indemnification
  • Premiered: 2008-09-06
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    • CSI Grissom's Overture
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    Anyone who has followed my videos (at least those that are not preview vids) will know that for the most part, I started off as a Drama editor, and to me, I still am one. Though I did tend to make the Drama/Action video. After making all of these upbeat videos that I have done recently, and the IC type vids I just wanted to sit down and make a video that brought me back to my roots.

    So I sat down and started this beast about 6 weeks before the deadline for AWA Pro. I couldn't start any sooner because the disk I needed to complete this video I wasn't able to find (and have the cash to buy) until then. I originally wanted to work with a different song, but after listening to the CSI soundtrack and Grissom's Overture in particular I really started to like how in my mind this story played out with the music. So I cut the audio to fit what I was planning to do and started making clips.

    To me the hardest part of this video was trying to maintain the story and drive the story and video through the editing and clips involved. Instrumental videos tend to be the most difficult to work with because there is no lyrics to drive the video, so it is all down to your idea and editing. I feel I did a good job.

    The part that took the longest was the second half of the video, which after watching you will notice is populated by short clips. I think the average frame size for each clip is around 4. It took a while to get this section looking right while at the same time fitting it in with the story. I'm very happy with out it all turned out.

    The story is a story of revenge. Millie's father was killed and both her and Honoka go out to look for the one who killed him. They find him, and in the battle Millie couldn't hold back and tried to help out. She is stopped but her gun still goes off and injures Honoka. They fix her, and go back in search. A battle commences and well... watch the vid to find out how it ends.

    There were effects in this video as defined by the .org. If you try to look for them you may find them. If not, then my job was accomplished.

    This video was entered into AWA Pro. It didn't get nominated for anything. Either way that is fine. I made what I set out to make, and it came out better then I expected. I enjoyed every minute of it, I hope you do as well.

    Note on 720p version: This is an up-scaled video. The source was filtered before scaling and then filtered again after scaling. The quality looks great IMO, much better looking then the 480p on my 1080p display. The 720p is twice the size as the 480 on local, so get the one you want.

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