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  • Member: Verses
  • Studio: Umbrella Video
  • Title: Against the Grain
  • Premiered: 2008-08-19
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  • Song:
    • Scum of the Earth I am the Scum
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    I stole this concept from Minion, after viewing his 10 second beta. He abandoned the projected, so I asked if I could steal his beta concept and finish it. After 3 months I got tired of the project, due to the lack of interest and video footage (only encoded a few scenes). After a few months of not touching the project, a friend of mine reminded me of the AFO AMV contest deadline, which was in 2 weeks. I started up the again, only to find that I still didn't enjoy editing it, the special effect scenes really did get old real fast. You can tell that I got lazy at the last scene, random camera rotation. Made in a short amount of time (8 hours) a night before the deadline.

    Course after the contest, I could have gone back to fix it but I really didn't want to touch it again, so I called it quits. :)

    -= Best Action - Anime Festival Orlando 08 =-

    The game...

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