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  • Member: wurpess
  • Studio: Digital Straightjacket
  • Title: Give Me A Friggin' Flashing, Blinking, Exploding Sign-Con Edition
  • Premiered: 2008-08-08
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    • Black Ingvars Baby One More Time
    • Kevorkian Baby One More Time
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  • Comments: **SEIZURE WARNING: VERY BLINKY!!!!**

    This is my Otakon vid, in all its crappy glory. (Seriously, I have no clue how this made the contest, other than maybe the WTF factor) There will be 2 versions of this. There will be the original version, the way I had intended it. (Kinda like what I showed my beta testers.) That will come later, after I've fixed and tweaked everything that's wrong. This is the con version, like, what was shown at Otakon. (DUH!) I was a little rushed at the end, so not everything got fixed. Plus, I changed some of the effects, since one of my beta testers brought it to my attention that in the dark room, my vid would seem even more seizurific. So I toned some of the blinking down a bit. (Not much, but enough. :P) And since this is the con version, I kinda wanted to get it out somewhat close to the con, so I didn't have a chance to fix everything. The other version will be fixed up. But in the mean time. . .

    Anyway, about the vid. So, you're probably looking at the sources and thinking, 'Yeah, I can see how this can work.' I can probably guarantee you that just knowing the sources will not prepare you for this video. (If you're the kind of person that doesn't like surprises, Gauron is singing to Sousuke, with Zaied singing back-up.) I had gotten the idea for this vid from the last episode of TSR, as well as the convention episode of Lucky Star. That being said **WARNING: SHOUNEN-AI UNDERTONES, AND POSSIBLE TSR SPOILERS!!!* You have been warned. The general tone is actiony with a lot of lip syncing. I had submitted into Action for Otakon, but it got moved to comedy. It also could have been in Upbeat. Overall, it's a very me vid. I guess I'll shut up now and let you DL the vid. . .or not. >.>

    Special Thanx to my Beta Testers!

    Edit: Ok, have a vid uploaded now. The specs look a little odd, and it is a little pixelated in the extreme blinky/action parts, and the quality isn't all that great. But I'm through trying to mess with this thing trying to get it a reasonable file size. Particularly since I need to uninstall Virtual Dub Mod/Avisynth since I keep trying to use avisynth, but keep getting error. I'm guessing due to plug-in conflicts. So there will be a better version at some point, with the quality in place. But for now, I wanted to get the con version out before it got too far away from when the con was. So here it is. Or something. >.>

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