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  • Member: vellure
  • Studio: Xeno Emission
  • Title: Rainbow Revolution
  • Premiered: 2008-01-31
  • Categories:
    • Dance
    • Fun
  • Song:
    • Yuzo Koshiro Subarashiki Shin Sekai
  • Anime:
  • Participation:
    • ConNooga, ConNooga AMV contest (2008-02-22)
    • Anime Milwaukee, Anime Milwaukee amv contest 2008 (2008-02-29)
    • Condor XV, Condor XV AMV Contest (2008-03-01)
    • All-Con, All-Con AMV Contest (2008-03-08)
    • MegaConvention, Anime Sushi's AMV Contest at MegaCon (2008-03-09)
    • Anime Boston 2008, AB 2008 AMV Contest (2008-03-21)
    • Otafest 2008, Otafest 2008 - AMV Contest (2008-05-18)
    • Anime North 2008, AN 2K8 MVC (2008-05-23)
    • A-Kon 19, A-Kon 19 Video Events (2008-05-30)
    • Anime Expo 2008, Anime Expo 2008 - Anime Music Video Contest (2008-07-03)
    • Japan Expo 9ème Impact, Japan Expo International AMV Contest 2008 (2008-07-06)
  • Comments: Program used:

    Adobe After Effects 7.0

    This was originally planned to be an VG AMV with limited sources specifically Xenosaga, Okami, and Dragonball. But thanks to the concept of artistic fusion seen in Magic Pad by Nostromo, I was inspired to create a whole new composition with Anime sources intact.

    So before any awful comparison ensues I would like to point out that the video is completely inspired by both Magic Pad by Nostromo and Skittles by Koop! And then we move forward. There was suppose to be a story behind the progress of the video. But I lost it by simply mixing the video with more random effects and live action sequences. The girl from Superflat Monogram was suppose to be the primary "Alice in Wonderland" character who goes through a Rainbow Labyrinth and revolve around its nature, but the idea was taken out since i didn't have enough clips to support that concept.

    The video took me 2 months to finish. The longest time I spent on a music video so far. There's potential for the video to become better but due to moving and re encoding a number of my sources, the project file is close to becoming useless and corrupt with missing files. Thus revisions would take forever. This is officially my first AMV considering the videos that came before RR are primarily sourced by FMV clips of Xenosaga. hmmm is it considered anime or VG sourced? My second video so far to be entered for AMV contests. The first being Xenoranger which displayed my first hands on experience with AE.

    Among the scenes the progress through the video, my favourite is the running sequence by the girls of Xenosaga. Simply because it was a quick replacement of an awful sailormoon sequence I originally planned for. And the fact that it spoke for the title... me thinks. The idea of Rainbow Revolution in the end was to simply revolutionized the art in AMV making with the fusion of Live action sequences, 2d and 3d visuals. But I felt that the video responded more an alternative opening to Capcom X Namco. Anyways ENJOY!!

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