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  • Member: Honou_Miko
  • Title: The Internet v. 3.3: Fangirl Edition
  • Premiered: 2008-08-01
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    • Avenue Q The Internet is for Porn
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  • Comments: To get the full effect of this video, you must replace the word "porn" with "yaoi."
    There have been several videos on Youtube with all of the hosts singing about porn... but you know? This way makes about ten times more sense.

    Not to be a complete dork about it, but this is basically the idea:

    Renge: OMG I LOVE YAOI!!11 *heart*
    Tamaki: That's DISGUSTING. The club exists only for aesthetic pleasure and platonic companionship. This is filthy.
    Everyone else: What the hell did you expect?

    And Haruhi is WONDERFULLY OOC here... don't worry Tamaki, she's probably looking at pictures of you anyway.

    As for the technical issues... I tried, I tried so hard, and I'd keep trying if I freaking knew what it would turn out to be. Every time I play the same file, the synch comes out SLIGHTLY different. Not a whole lot, but definitely enough to throw it off. Probably just a computer memory issue (although it happens even when I don't have much open) So I don't even know the truth about this video. I hope it synchs well... or at least fair enough to not be considered crappy.

    Stupid computer memory issues. Maybe I just have too much yaoi on my computer.

    I mean... what?

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