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  • Member: starsy7
  • Title: FFX/FFX2 - That's What you Get
  • Premiered: 2008-05-28
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    • Paramore That's What You Get
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  • Comments: Lets see...what can I say about this vid....It's not anything that special, just good editing, I guess. I didn't put much thought into it, just practically threw scenes in...some parts are totally random scene choice(I need to work more on that) Oh yeah, I used PURPLE on this one!! I wasn't planning on using the green, but when I used the subtracted dissolve on the purple clips..SURPRISE, it had a lil' bit of grEEN!! I thought that matched the purple really nice, so I used it for the last half of the vid!!^^
    Yeah......well ENJOY!!! =D

    -(at the credits, I KNOW that there are mistakes, Just TOO lazy to render it all again!..)

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