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  • Member: MightySpirit
  • Title: Catch That FIRE
  • Premiered: 2008-07-26
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    • TobyMac Catchafire (Whoopsi-Daisy)
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    Idea -
    Haha, I never actually planned to ever make this AMV. I just was messing around and testing out the quality and usage of my anime footage once I ripped it from the DVD. So I just took my favorite anime and a song that was on my playlist and slapped them together as a sort of test. Well, I ended up liking the idea and continued to complete the AMV until I was satisfied with it. I didn't put much thought into this AMV other then I wanted to finish it and make it good >.>

    Footage - [ Mai-HiME ]
    I decided to start using anime footage ripped straight from my collection of anime DVDs. And what better anime to start out with then my favorite, Mai-HiME! :] No specific reason for choosing it other then it being my favorite, because I hadn't even decided on an idea for the AMV yet xD

    Song - [ Tobymac - "Catchafire (Whoopsi-Daisy)" ]
    I'd been listening to my Tobymac CD recently and randomly decided on the song "Catchafire" because the lyrics use the word "fire" alot and I thought I could relate that to Mai Tokiha and some of the other HiMEs. So not much thought put into my song choice either.

    Editing Process -
    This AMV took me about 18 hours within a duration of 4 days. I didn't rush it at all either; I wanted to make sure I took my time with this video.
    As for my editing, I kept everything quite simple. I just started using effects that I liked and would go along with the beats and sounds of the song. I kept all the effects pretty fluent throughout the video, because I never like to start throwing in random and useless effects.
    Thankfully, using DVD footage did make the quality better than usual, and there wasn't many changes I had to make to try and improve quality.

    Hmm, though that's about it for this AMV, since like I mentioned before, I did not plan to make it xD
    But I did end up loving it and it's my favorite AMV of mine that I've made so far ^^

    Youtube Link:

    * Special Thanks to SaiyanPrideAMV (east_side_assassin) for beta testing, and making me want to improve ~

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