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  • Member: Shadowfox85
  • Studio: Shadowfox Productions
  • Title: It's Getting Hot in Airantou Island
  • Premiered: 2008-07-21
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    • Nelly Hot in Here
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  • Comments: Warning!!!
    Keep in mind this amv contain alot of fanservice for guys! So female viewers, beware! However, this is NOT on a hentai series, this show is just a funny Harem show with a bunch of fanservice, so please don't get the wrong impression!

    Anyways this show is about a guy named Ikuto who gets ship wrecked to an island that is solely populated with women originated from the late 1800's. And all the guys that used to be on the island, well they got washed away by a tsunami during a big fishing trip. So when Ikuto arrives, he basically has every woman on the island after him.

    Thus the song, its getting hot in here, because there is usually a tense moment with Ikuto since he's constantly being chased and hit on. If any series deserves a Pimpin Song, its this series. Enjoy guys!

    Though I will say that this was the hardest amv I've pulled off, because of the damn lyrics are so freaking hard to sync, and I had to use so many fanservice footage, to a point where I've probably used over 90% of every possible fanservice scene in the 26 episodes. That and you can probably tell I was starting to run out of ideas during the last quarter of the amv. Also even though I don't have the Lip Sync option checked, there were a few parts where I did do some lip syncing, but I didn't do this for the whole amv. This is also my first time using Sony Vegas 8.0 to make an amv.

    Anyways hope you guys liked this amv!

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