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  • Member: Tearx
  • Title: Parallax
  • Premiered: 2008-07-14
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  • Songs:
    • Poets of the Fall All the way 4u
    • Vertical Horizan Best I ever had
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    Oh god. Its another slow.. sad 5 centimeters per second video.. run away!! Yeah im not too happy that I did this video, but it was just something I had to do.. lol This was a amv I mainly did to just let out stress. ya'know wen ya feel like shit and you just edit? yuh like that x3. Well it WAS finals week at my school. After all the studying, this was fun to work on.
    I would have finished this amv in about a week if it wasn't for finals[and laziness]

    ugh. 5 cm :: I wanted to keep the main storyline of their events. Except I've always disliked that one surfer chick. She was just not needed in my eyes so I booted her out. Well, I did feel sorry for her so shes at the end =D
    Anyways I am a huge Poets of the Fall fan. They are like...awsome. I knew I just had to make
    a amv with one of their songs. So off I went to pick out a song, after a while I realized I started to listen to "All the way 4u" a lot, so there ya go. Go out and get their CD!!!

    Editing this amv was pretty fun, so I hope you people enjoy it. =]

    Special thanks:

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