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  • Member: The Wired Knight
  • Studio: Wired Knight Productions
  • Title: From the Diary of Alphonse Elric
  • Premiered: 2008-07-02
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    • Jonathan Coulton Still Alive
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  • Comments: So I heard this song and loved its absolute passive aggressive cynicism. Upon thinking of different shows I could ruin with it I finally settled on using Fullmetal Alchemist. Originally it was about the brothers but I changed my mind and went with only Al as I figured he was a better fit for twisting a lot of the lyrics.

    The video was painfully fun to edit as I sought the most twisted scene for each lyric, though a lot of them ended up focusing on Nina by consequence. Originally I planned on using more of the deaths from the series but they either had nothing to do with Al or just didn't fit the lyrics too well. Al's lac of vocal action and limited facial expressions allow for a wide variety of shots to be used to change the meaning of the looks he gives.

    The video reception is mixed but either one suits me fine. Either people have found it hillarious or were completely disgusted by how much I perverted FMA. But twisted works for me. It's a fun video that relies on a twisted or dark sense of humour.

    Winner: AMA Comedy 2008

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