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  • Member: Jasta85
  • Title: A Different Kind of Girls Gone Wild
  • Premiered: 2008-07-16
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  • Songs:
    • Alian Ant Farm Smooth Criminal
    • Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal (Dance Remix)
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  • Comments: A different kind

    When i first saw the Dead Fantasy series, a few weeks prior to completing this amv i was just dumbfounded with how awsome it was and knew i had to make an amv with the footage. One of the more difficult parts was to find a song that was action oriented but i wanted to keep away from the really hardcore headbanging and profanity since i would want to enter this into contests. I eventually decided to reuse my combo of Michael Jackson's and Alien Ant Farm's songs Smooth Criminal (once again, much thanks to Muyo Ryo for the mixing). After that it was just picking and choosing the scenes that fit best. Both episodes combined are only 13-14 minutes long which is a very short amount of material to work with however i actually had trouble trying to decide which scenes i wanted as there were so many awsome shots.

    Info on the Content:
    This amv is pure action and fun. I stayed away from any special effects (aside from the names of the characters and the little flicker at the end) as i thought they would get in the way. The concept is simple, a bunch of hot CG chicks beating the crap out of each other. While i tried to focus on all the girls at one point or another i definitly centered most of the cool scenes around Tifa as she honestly had all the best finishing moves and cool spots, i'm pretty sure the original creators favored her as well. I tried to sync almost every single moment of the amv, some parts are not so obvious but i planned out every bit.

    This is the most fun i've had making an amv in a long time as i've cancelled several projects since my last release because of lack of inspiration. People seem to love my action amvs the most so i'll give the people what they want. The title is also obviously meant to grab attention but it is certainly not inaccurate. Hope you enjoy the vid.

    UPDATE: July 16, 2008
    wow, a lot of stuff happened since i wrote that first portion. Turns out that DF is not actually an anime so there was a really long discussion on whether or not it would be allowed on the site. I also got DF's creator (Mony Oum)'s approval in making this amv which made my very happy and he even put in a word during the discussion which probably helped the admins in their final decision. I'm very happy that i was able to upload this video here, while unfortunately i probably wont be able to enter it into any amv contests as they will probably be stricter about the content. Anyway, fun times, now that it is finally uploaded you can enjoy it, i like comments and opinions so if you have any compliments/criticism please go ahead and voice them, i actually did quite a bit of editing between when i first made this amv profile and when i uploaded the amv due to very helpful comments from other people.

    On a technical note i do wish i could have made the video quality a bit better but since it was already compressed most of the filtering i tried hurt more than helped, someone will probably come along who can do a better job than me at that, good luck to them

    I am also changing the primiere date from july 7th to july 16th as that is the date i officially uploaded it to the org

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