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  • Member: pink haze
  • Title: Overflow
  • Premiered: 2008-07-05
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    • Rebecca St. James You Are Loved
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  • Comments: Like the song? Check out the Rebecca St. James website! XD

    "Overflow" is a message to someone who is lost in life, telling them how fortunate they really are. It's story-heavy, lyric-dependent and overwhelmingly upbeat.
    I hope it puts a smile on your face. ^^

    Programs: Premiere 6 and Photoshop
    Times Premiere crashed: 40 (tallying almost made it fun)
    Time: 60+ hours editing (I work slowly)


    We were younger then, you and me
    Full of dreams, weren't we?
    I went my way, you went yours
    Where did you go, dear?
    Someone said you had left
    The life we lived together then
    This is my way of reaching out
    'Cause I remember...

    This is what I want to say to you
    If I had one chance to speak to your heart
    You are loved
    More than you could ever know
    This is what I want to say to you
    If I had one chance to tell you something
    You are loved
    More than you can imagine

    If I told you, would you believe
    The narrow road, I did not leave?
    If I told you, would you understand
    That I have found truth?
    Are you jaded? Are you hurting now?
    How I wish that I could tell
    Where your heart's at. Can you see?
    Mine has found home


    Not sure if I've made it clear enough
    It's not my love I sing about
    Everybody asks, "Is God good?"
    I believe He is
    In fact, I know He is


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