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  • Member: Nullstate
  • Studio: Nullstate Productions
  • Title: I Miss You (remastered)
  • Premiered: 2001-06-26
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • Incubus I Miss You
  • Anime:
  • Comments: *-- REMASTER NOTES --*
    Well, I finally got the last bit of raw material I needed to redo this one, and I have to say I'm pleased with the end result. It's still a simple vid, but does deliver on it's concept. All in all it is now a far more solid piece.

    The Changes
    -Lost the opening bumper.
    -Reduced some flap in the first half.
    -Added fades where appropriate.
    -Changed some of the footage used in the second half, and made overall improvments in that area.
    -New ending bumper.
    -Audio taken directly from CD.
    -Video taken directly from DVD.
    -Changed from 360x240 to 720x480. (Surprisingly the file size didn't increase much: 8MB for MPEG, and 4.2MB for DiVX.)

    *-- ORIGINAL NOTES --*
    This this amv is actually a pair of character profiles. Centered around Washu and Noboyuki, it's a piece about unaccepted loss (of course this is most visible when they actually open up). Washu lost her son and hides as a child and buries herself in her research. Noboyuki, who was once a very shy young man, lost his wife, so he hides behind a goofy and perverted persona when he isn't out earning his pay.

    Technically speaking this is not my best work. Due in part to the simple fact that some of my source footage was third-rate at best. I plan to rework this one when I get bet footage.

    Conceptually I think it's a fairly good piece of work, and I enjoyed making it.

    *-- Personal Firsts --*

    1)First time I ever remastered a previously released work.

    *-- Software Used --*

    SmartRipper (remaster/original)
    DVD2AVI (remaster/original)
    VirtualDub (remaster/original)
    Adobe Premier (remaster)
    TMPEG (remaster/original)

    *-- Lyrics --*

    To see you when I wake up
    is a gift I didn't think could be real.
    To know that you feel the same as I do
    is a three-fold, utopian dream.
    You do something to me that I can't explain.
    So would I be out of line if I said,
    I miss you.(?)

    I see your picture, I smell your skin
    on the empty pillow next to mine.
    You have only been gone ten days, but already I'm wasting away.
    I know I'll see you again
    whether far or soon.
    But I need you to know that I care
    and I miss you.

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