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  • Member: ismhawk
  • Studio: Bad Omens Productions
  • Title: SomeTimes
  • Premiered: 2003-04-08
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  • Song:
    • DMX Sometimes
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  • Comments: MUSIC
    Its not really a song, but a poem. Its the intro to DMX Great Depression. The poem is entitled "Sometimes". Here are the lyrics if you care to know before you download.

    Sometimes I wonder what life's about
    Sometimes I wonder why the lights are out
    Sometimes I wonder why I like to shout
    Sometimes I wonder, what the lies are about
    Sometimes I see things I shouldn't have seen
    Sometimes I wonder why, I'm a hood and a fiend
    Sometimes I look at what I've become and cry
    Sometimes I, get on that BULLSHIT and be ready to die
    Sometimes a nigga that's yo' man might get it
    Sometimes even though it's sweet, if you ain't wit it
    Sometimes the pain is too much to BEAR
    Sometimes it RAINS too much to care
    Sometimes if you, don't watch yo' back it'll cost you
    Sometimes you wonder, who would give a FUCK if they lost you
    Yet sometimes the sun shines around the clock
    But sometimes it's dark, and hell is hot

    This video has clips from the End of Evanglion. Sometimes you never know whats going to happen. Thats life. This anime is about life and things that happen... Sometimes

    This video turned out pretty well, considering that there is no music. This video is pretty unquie as far as i know. the clips match up pretty well to what is going on in the song. I say that this si worth the download and it is small anyway. So if you like it or hate, let me know.

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