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  • Member: Onegai
  • Studio: Onegai
  • Title: Xenogears TV
  • Premiered: 2000-11-20
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    • Nadesico OST You Get To Burning
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  • Comments: Onegai's second video, a remake of the Nadesico opening sequence. The video using Playstation footage, ripped directly from disc. The credits in the video are in fact the credits to the game, not the credits of Nadesico. Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects were the software that this video was created on.

    Also's Community Video of the Week for the week of February 12-18.

    This video only took about a weekend to make mostly because of an extreme lack of footage. Xenogears only has maybe 5 minutes of total FMV footage in it so the scene selection was extremely straightforward. The alternate opening style of AMV was thriving and it seemed like a fun innovation to try and use ripped footage from a playstation game.

    I began experimenting with After Effects on this video with terrible results. I desperately wanted to use Masking effectively, but it didn't work out so well. This was also the first video where I used titles (albeit badly). Later I came back and produced a side-by-side version of the video to show off the similarities better.

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