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  • Member: Infinity Squared
  • Studio: amvience studios
  • Title: Purge
  • Premiered: 2008-06-22
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    • Train Ordinary
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    I really wish I had the higher quality sources to make this video but as it is, I've already lingered on this idea for far too long. I would say that I've had the concept for this more than a year ago, and probably had the entire scene layout figured out by the beginning of this year. Regardless, it took almost 3 months of actually mildly regular poking to finally come out with this result, and for once, I can say that this isn't actually a rush convention video, though yes, the push to make it was because of AVCon.

    It's a simple and straightforward action video focussed on the two lead characters Lelouch and Suzaku. There's hate, there's camaraderie, and there's a common background between the two, but I probably showed this more as a comparison between them rather than a video showing their interactions. No doubt, fans of the show will better appreciate this, but I think the editing style and action is hopefully acceptable enough for everyone to enjoy.

    Actually, for those who have sheen the show, you'll notice that I dabbled a bit of the R2 episodes in there. Purely it was because I got lazy sometimes in finding equivalent scenes in the anime, but in truth, my original goal was to have a purely season one video. But, it's a moot point in the grand scheme of things as at the end of the day, it's the result that matters.

    At the end of it all, this is a video that I created because I like the anime and I adore the song. It was a very good fit in my opinion and I hope that shows. Local release is H264 as per usual these days, so if you want an XviD version, PM me and I'll render one out.



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