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  • Member: Dafreshprince
  • Title: Wrapped
  • Premiered: 2008-06-16
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    • a thorn for every heart Things Aren't So Beautiful Now Part 1
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    It follows up the original Naruto storyline as Sasuke seeks power from Orichimaru because of the troubling thoughts of his brother Itachi. As he seeks powers, he only finds pain as Orichimaru betrays him and ends up in the hospital. The rest should b pretty self explanatory as you watch the video.

    This was my Ultimate Project and probably one of the projects where I actually tried and planned it out. The song was perfect as soon as I heard it out . And through many hours of not paying attention in English class, this spawned. I hope you enjoy my hard work (Sort of)

    Special Thanks to

    AlternateShadow( My scripter and beta tester)

    This might be my last amv as I take a small break for the summer and maybe make more ideas.

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