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  • Member: Fizziks
  • Studio: Walküre
  • Title: Azure Aurora
  • Premiered: 2008-06-12
  • Categories:
    • Action
    • Dance
    • Drama
    • Other
  • Songs:
    • Paul van Dyk feat. Rea Garvey Let Go (Alex Kunnari Remix)
    • Paul van Dyk feat. Rea Garvey Let Go (PvD Clubmix)
    • Paul van Dyk feat. Rea Garvey Let Go (Single Edit)
  • Anime:
  • Participation:
    • Japan Expo 9ème Impact, Japan Expo International AMV Contest 2008 (2008-07-06)
    • Otakon, Otakon AMV Contest (2008-08-08)
    • Aniventure 2008, Aniventure 2008 AMV Contest (2008-08-30)
    • MAniFest 2008, MAniFest 2008 AMV Competition (2008-09-27)
  • Comments:

    Aniventure 2008 AMV contest: 2nd place for best action
    Otakon 2008 AMV contest: Finalist in action category

    The primary reason for creating this video was out of my need to do more practicing and experimenting with After Effects (especially with that 3D stuff I've been hearing so much about), and to a lesser extent Photoshop as well. In the end, I thought that the best (and most enjoyable) way to really learn more about these programs was to actually make a video.

    Also, I got addicted to the song I used since the first time I heard it on the radio, so I thought making an AMV out of it would be the next logical step. :)

    Comments and opinions are 100% encouraged! Hope you all like it!

    Special thanks to those who've helped me with this video:
    Sierra Lorna

    [Please note that this video uses the mp4 file format. You will need a media player such as VLC, which can be found here.]

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