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  • Member: Kalean
  • Studio: Twilight Dawn
  • Title: Searching
  • Premiered: not yet
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    • Hoobastank Crawling In The Dark
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  • Comments: Tools: DVDx, Adobe Premiere, Wordpad (don't ask), Virtualdub.

    Time Taken: 2 days editing, 2 months stalling, 5 more hours editing, 1 more month stalling, and a rushed 3 hour finish on a separate computer.

    Summary- Should've done better. Them's the brakes.

    I made this video in an attempt to create a GOOD Wolfwood dedicated video. Whether I succeeded or not is a matter of great debate. I seem to have a universal agreement that this video came off as emotional, and one of my friends actually cried (sap ^^;) But I also seem to have a universal agreement that the editing was not tight enough, and came off looking very unprofessional (which is the nice way for saying my editing sucked *cry*) So I guess to those who wonder, they can watch it themselves and make their own decision. Of course, focusing on a certain story aspect of Nicholas D. Wolfwood near the end of the series, this video is about 90% spoiler, so, if you haven't finished Trigun, do NOT watch this. That being said, this was also one of the first videos I made through ripping the scenes off my own DVDs. As you may notice (in particular on the scenes that have been permanently reduced to 16 bit *twitch*) I needed a little more practice, which I have now gained, in my own time. Hopefully this will be the last video with loose editing, as I now have a 1.5 ghz athlon cpu and buttloads of ddr-ram and an agp card. these things in general = editing speed improved, rendering speed improved, and quite frankly, premiere preview FUNCTIONALITY. Heaven forbid, I know. However I like the video myself, so if you've read this far, you may as well watch it, in my opinion.

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