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  • Member: wyspa
  • Title: Another Dance AMV
  • Premiered: 2008-05-30
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    • Zero Bass Death Ecstasy
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  • Comments: Done... finally I have done my first AMV. Some time ago as AMV fan I decided to try my skill and do AMV on my own. I was thinking what music and Anime to use, some concepts was good other bad... well I chose this one. True Is it is different from what I planed, i changed concept during making of it... why? I never did anything with "moving pictures" before... yes I like graphic, I'm counted in in some project's but all of this was "still images" so this was first time I ever run AP, and had to learn what this program can do... This is Dance AMV... pretty fast I think... I had numerous problems during making of it but at the end it was really fun...
    I used 2 Anime... well not exactly, because one of them is promo video from Anime Styled game (Yogurting) and other is good known Lucky Star. Video is'nt long but like I said it's fast, I used music from ZeRo BaSs, member of Newgrounds community, I realy like his music and "death Excasy" fit my best for my AMV. You can visit him at, he got some raly good music there ;).
    Whole project took me about 10 days, also I would send thanks to Arczi, man who done some beta testing for my AMV, he also told me what I have done wrong and what I have to change in final version.
    Well send your comment's please ;)

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