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  • Member: sakuraslight
  • Title: Tokonatsu 08 trailer Blasphemy 2.0
  • Premiered: 2008-05-30
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    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC Blasphemy 2.0
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  • Comments: Was ill when i made this AMV

    Have been fideling for the past cuple of day and it was enevitable
    that i would bring somthing out sooner or later, Well here it is.

    This video uses only clips from episode 7 of macross frontier.
    with basic flash and black effects
    some moving path effects zooms mainly.
    Text effects zoom agine nothing fancy.
    Basic fades between clips.
    speed changes to..


    Have just been listening to alot of classical music agine and found
    music that is ment to pr has been used in film trailers, out of about 40 different tracks i decided
    to use one that was just titled .. Blasphemy 2.0

    this video was made as a trailer for the upcoming anime festival tokonatsu
    that is held in milton keyens wngland UK


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