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  • Member: Shinnie04
  • Studio: Pulverize Productions
  • Title: Naruto Shippuuden Fan Ending - Knife
  • Premiered: 2008-05-11
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    • The Trax Knife
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  • Comments: This is basically an old amv (made around July 2007) which I just felt like revamping because of some people requesting it so I just decided to quickly fix some masks and add subtitles.

    Well basically this is a Naruto Shippuuden fan ending I made. Its about the parting of sasuke which is sadly an overused theme in many amvs these days which felt very unoriginal to me lol. Well once again i used colour to show each characters individuality. But also the colours seem to blend together showing a bond. Well as always you can interpret it the way you want lol.

    I used the manga to create this and some parts of the anime. I used 3 characters only because the first shippuuden ending had 3 characters but not only because of that. I also didn't use any Shippuuden Eps because I made this early in the series. Naruto is heavily based on team 7 so yeah, thats why I did it. I also realise it's 2 minutes long which is around 20 seconds longer then actual endings.

    I used a Korean song instead of the usual Japanese songs because I just really liked this song. Maybe it's also because I'm Korean but I don't know XD

    I used Sony Vegas 7.0

    Enjoy I guess?

    This amv is dedicated to friends and also Ryko89 =3

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