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  • Member: SamuraiJake
  • Studio: Samurai Jake
  • Title: Mama's Day
  • Premiered: 2008-05-10
  • Categories:
    • Drama
    • Sentimental
    • Serious
  • Song:
    • Kanye West Hey Mama
  • Anime:
  • Participation:
    • Peninsula Anime Club AMV Contest, Peninsula Anime Club AMV Contest (2008-06-25)
    • Otakon, Otakon AMV Contest (2008-08-08)
    • AnimeIowa, AnimeIowa AMV Contest (2008-08-15)
    • Kita-Kon 2008, Kita-Kon 2008 AMV Contest (2008-08-28)
    • T-Mode '08, T-MODE 2008 AMV Competition (2008-09-05)
  • Comments: AMV Contest Winner "Peninsula Anime Club 2008" for Runner Up Ironic Musician

    May 11th is Mother's Day this year, and with that in mind I thought it might be nice to make a Mother's Day AMV! Sure I've seen some others in the past, and some pretty good ones too, but when I first heard Kanye West's song,"Hey Mama" I knew I had to use it for something, and now I have.

    I offer this AMV to all of you and your mothers. Have a great day!

    - Samurai Jake

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