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  • Member: Full Metal Sempai
  • Title: Teresa's Legacy
  • Premiered: 2008-04-26
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    • Hammerfall Angel Of Mercy
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  • Comments: So,my first full amv in these 8 months.I got a bit rusted due to studying but oh well.It was really fun to edit a bit more action after my last sentimental amvs.^^

    When I started watching Claymore I can't say it amazed me.But with episode 5 and Teresa's past the story began to unfold and I ended up getting hooked on this marvellous anime.Too bad the ending is so messed up...So I decided to make a tribute amv to Teresa and her tragic death.But due to studying and exams,I kept this project on hold for quite a while and only 1 month ago I started editing seriously...

    ~Spoilers ahead~
    Some info on the anime(will help to read it before watching the vid):
    Claymore is about a group of female warriors who hunt down man-eating monsters called Yoma.Yoma have the ability to transform into humans and can therefore live among them unnoticed.Only Claymore are capable of identifying them since they're half human,half Yoma.However,if they pass their limit while using their Yoma powers,then Claymore become Awakened Ones,something like super Yoma.The story revolves around Claire,the weakest Claymore and her journey to find and kill Priscilla,an extremely powerful Awakened One.
    Priscilla is the one responsible for the death of Teresa,the once strongest Claymore who took Claire under her protection.Teresa was a cold-hearted warrior at first but Claire managed to make her more soft-hearted.However,this led to Teresa's downfall as she broke the rule of not killing humans in order to protect Claire.Hence a team of elite Claymore came after her.Priscilla was part of that team and in her battle with Teresa she passed her limits,killed Teresa and became an Awakened One.

    Some conseils to those who wanna watch the anime now:
    If possible,omit the last 4 episodes of the anime and go read the manga.In the anime we get a Dragonball-like ending which is totally dissapointing while the manga continues the story and it's far better.^^

    Some things about the video now:
    First of all,upon editing I decided not to give the events in the chronological order.The logical flow is here but the order of the events is altered.Still,everything major that happened in episodes 5-8(those cover Teresa's story) is here so if you haven't watched Claymore,you may need to rewatch the vid to realise what happened and in what order.
    Since the amv is about how Teresa picked up Claire and how this affected her life,the video is mostly drama and less action.Living together,laughing together,the hardships,the good times...The amv shows us how Claire's company managed to make Teresa kinder and how this change of character caused a chain of events that end with the death of Teresa.The rest on the video.^^
    Oh yeah,one last comment:The beginning of the video is rather slow(blame the song for that).

    Song-wise,I haven't heard of Hammerfall before searching for fitting songs for this amv.Not quite my style as a band but has a few good songs.Even if I don't quite like this particular song.Still,Angel Of Mercy's lyrics match a lot with the hardships of Teresa and Claire and so I decided to use it.

    The footage comes from raws which unfortunately don't have good quality.So I used Avisynth to boost a bit the quality but still it's far from perfect...

    Editing programs:
    Vegas 6.0

    Lots of thanks to these guys for beta-testing:

    Hope you'll like it.In any case,thanks for watching!!^_^

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