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  • Member: Heero_Yuy84
  • Title: La Federation
  • Premiered: 2003-04-04
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    • Southpark Movie OST La Resistance
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  • Comments: This is one of those ideas that has, and yet, has not been kicking around for a while.

    On one hand, I've been wanting to do a Mobile Suit Gundam AMV for quite some time because, honestly, it's kind if disappointing to see that it's as underused as it is. On the other, the song itself didn't click until later Novermber of 2002.

    When I was first aiming for this (the parody vid concept) I was originally shooting to set Amuro to DVDA's 'Now You're A Man.' Over time, the concept just lost some of its spark (well, that and I realized how much better that one would work for Kou from Gundam 0083, but that's a vid for later on.) So the concept of doing an MSG video was shelved for a while.

    Then, one day, while flipping through mp3s on Winamp, it came up on the song 'La Resistance' from South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut. A humorous enough song on its own, this piece somehow ended up integrating itself into the Universal Century in my mind.

    So the first part of La Federation was born.

    Initially it was going to be a multi-series project, using character casting:
    Bright Noa (MSG) - Gregory
    Amuro Rey (MSG) - Stan
    Kai Shiden (MSG) - Kyle
    Hayato Kobayashi (MSG) - Cartman
    Cima Garahau (0083) - Sheila Broflofski
    Korozo 'Iron Mask' Ronah (F91) - Satan
    Zeonic Forces (asst. series) - US Military
    Michel Ninorich (08th MS Team) - Terrence
    Eledore Massis (08th MS Team) - Phillip

    The project then kicked off under this. But, somewhere along the way, for reasons I'm a bit hazy on myself, things began to become more centered around Mobile Suit Gundam than any of the follow-up series (perhaps the subconscious catching up.)

    It was thus entering form 2:
    Bright Noah - Gregory
    Amuro Rey - Stan
    Kai Shiden - Kyle
    Hayato Kobayashi - Cartman
    Kishiria Zabi - Sheila Brofolofski
    Gihren Zabi - Satan
    Zeon forces - US Military
    Marker - Terrence
    Oscar - Phillip

    So, with this idea in mind, this began to develop. Then over time, some characters got changed around, partially for more fitting characters, partly for the convenience of more screen time to work with. On this note, the video itself also became a bit more event-centric. Originally just focusing on the One Year War, the video then narrowed its scope down to the final battle at A Baoa Qu.
    Here, more casting changes occured, resulting in a final cast of:
    General Revil* - Gregory
    Bright Noah - Stan
    Kai Shiden - Kyle
    Amuro Ray - Cartman
    Kishiria Zabi - Sheila Broflofski
    Gihren Zabi - Satan
    Zeon Forces - US Military
    Slegger Lawe* - Terrence
    Hayato Kobayashi - Phillip

    (*Yes, I am aware that technically neither Slegger nor Revil lived to see A Baoa Qu, but it still felt right to cast them in these parts. After all, part of the vid is still buildup to the battle.)

    So, out of this insanity, comes La Federation: A disturbingly musical twist on the violent climax of the One Year War.

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