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  • Member: tandomgirl
  • Title: Starman for Mxfire
  • Premiered: 2008-03-10
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  • Songs:
    • David Bowie Starman
    • David Bowie Ziggy Stardust
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  • Comments: Kay I may be the only one who thinks of howl as a star man but I tried to portray him as one in here the best way I could. WITH DAVID BOWIE OF COURSE!
    This is made for Mxfire, an awesome amv maker in almost every subject with a weird taste in music lol check it out your bound to love it!
    Errr I think that’s how you get there ^^ or just search Mxfire ^^

    Mxfire because you are one of my favorite amv makers and a really good friend I made this one for you. It was from your video “The True Self” that I got my first glimpse of How’s Moving Castle so I umm… ad lost of a better word “harassed” my friend into showing me how to rip the DVD just to make this ^^. And well I combined it with David Bowie because HE’S AWESOME DUH! Lol and I think you’d appreciate his music well I hope you do ^^ I made another one just in case though…which is also…David Bowie. But man can you ever get too much of David Bowie? Its not possible ^^ ah well I hope you enjoy this!

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