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  • Member: Tearx
  • Title: Shining Armor
  • Premiered: 2008-04-19
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    • Frou Frou Let Go
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    First amv in a very long time. Soo.. this is how it got started.

    Karas is a action packed anime. Full of many fights and BLOOD. After seeing so many Karas amvs just about action and such. I decided I should show people Karas isn't all about action. ;3

    Long long ago when I first got into AMVS. I always thought it would be awsome if my first amv would be with "Let go" by Frou Frou. The lyrics really reminded me of

    Otoha's sudden chance to become a Karas and leave his bloody past behind.
    Nue having to let go of his brother due to the pact[or brainwash..] he has with Ekou
    Also minor events with Hinaru

    Thus I tried to portray that

    Special thanks to Austin for helping me with.. a lot.. x]

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