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  • Members: Goketsu, Shinnie04
  • Title: Breaking Down
  • Premiered: 2008-01-13
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  • Song:
    • Sevendust Broken Down
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Me and Shinnie originally made this for the third round SSJ3 Son Jp's YXZ Tournament

    shinnie:0:00 - 1:12
    me: 1:12 - 1:27
    shinnie: 1:26 - 1:47
    me: 1:46 to the end

    I was supposed to do 29- 50 but I couldn't complete it due to some program issues and the deadline was getting pretty close I think we had about an hour left so me and Shinnie rushed through the video a bit but all and all I think it turned out pretty good and Im proud of the end result

    as for the anime choices we wanted to something a bit more original than some overused anime such as naruto, bleach, etc and the animatrix and tekkonkinkreet were pretty underused at the time we made it.
    we were gonna do this anime movie tribute looking thing but after we got started we decided it would look weird so after the first tekkonkinkreet part the rest is from the animatrix since that was the only source we both had.

    well I hope you enjoy and if you liked any part of please leave an opinion or comment if you have some time ^^ thanks

    Editing Program:
    Sony Vegas, Virtual Dub Mod, Zarx

    Special Thanks:
    SSJ3 Son Jp

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